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Our Services


At CNBS, our primary role is as consolidators, introducing existing UK and European food and non-food products to international markets, directed towards retail and food service segments. 75% of our multitude of products (including chilled, ambient, frozen, non-food, organic, vegan and superfoods) is sourced directly from the manufacturer, while the other 25% is sourced from their regional distributors and wholesalers. We also offer monthly product and category promotions, as well as new product launches, providing our clientele with price discounts on mainstream brands.

Brand Representation

Our range of services includes providing small, regional, and family-owned businesses with an introduction to overseas markets and 18 years of expertise in exporting and logistics. Additionally, we actively engage in marketing & brand promotion through plans agreed with customer & principals. This helps principals promote their brands and raise consumer awareness through in-store promotions and product sampling in the target market.

E-commerce Fulfilment

CNBS handles the storage, order picking, stock management for international retail e-commerce platforms. Orders are placed via their respective websites, and then processed and shipped from our very own warehouse.

Transport Logistics

We have a storage space of 6000 sq. ft., with designated areas for chilled and frozen foods, as well as a separate zone for handling and processing our consolidation & e-commerce shipments. Over 30,000 units are processed on a daily basis, with the ability to increase outputs on short notice.

As we predominantly export to the Middle East, we take pride in understanding the health regulations, demand patterns and cultural habits for each country. Our shipments are dispatched through established air and sea routes, and our known consigner accreditation enables swift clearances at air and seaports. If difficulties arise in importing or new vendor creations, they will be handled by our partners in respective markets and then delivered to the designated depot. Optionally, we are also able to dispatch shipments directly to the consignee.

Product Labelling and Translation

The translation of product ingredients into Arabic and other languages is handled by our inhouse translator. Labels are printed via inkjet printers and contain information about product details, ingredients, nutritional data (if required) and country of origin. Special labels are generated for chilled and frozen products. The labels are placed on individual units, taking care to not cover vital information, and then repacked and sealed in the original packing.