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About Us

A Brief History of Our Company

CNBS Products Ltd. was founded in 2017 as a British wholesale distribution and export company with the sole focus of exporting quality British and European food products. We have an expertise of 18 years in exports and transport logistics, and provide products to our clientele, mainly based in the Middle East. We operate out of our warehouse in the Northwest of England and have a portfolio of 25000 products of various well-known brands enabling us to meet our ever-growing customer demands. In mid-2020, we expanded our services by venturing into an e-commerce consolidation service of health supplements, beauty products and superfoods, whereby we dispatch products direct to the end consumer on a daily basis. Since our advent, the company has quadrupled its output of products and continues to strive towards excellence.

  • How does CNBS dispatch its products?
    All of our products are dispatched through air and sea routes, using seven FFCs. For smaller orders, we also offer LCL shipping options.
  • What storage solutions do we offer?
    The products are stored according to categories, with separated areas of the warehouse designated for chilled, frozen and ambient products. All the e-commerce products are stored in a second warehouse, where they are processed and dispatched.
  • What is our experience with exporting and transport logistics?
    Our staff has been handling the export of food products for over 18 years and we have also been able to process all of our orders on time, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when flights and services were restricted or limited.
  • What is the full range of products CNBS has?
    CNBS has access to products from over 1200 internationally recognised brands. Our full range extends to over 25,000 products ranging from superfoods, vegan, organic, ambient, chilled and frozen foods, along with non-foods like household cleaning products.
  • How much buying power do we have?
    CNBS has direct connections to most manufacturers, being able to source 75% of our products directly from them. The remaining 25% is sourced from the manufacturers' local distributors and wholesalers, ensuring that the customer always gets a competitive price.
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